Welcome to my about page. A page dedicated to things about me. I’ve retired and left the United States for Southeast Asia.   I spent 20 some years doing Technical Program Management particularly around infrastructure and cloud services.  I’ve left that behind.

Before that I did new world archeology across the southern plains, southwest, and finally in a lot of places in California. The deserts, mountains, foothills all let my feet touch them. My favorite is the Mojave Desert and that small, delicate finger of land in the western Mojave. There around those once small towns like Rosamond and Mojave. I rambled across many of those places and others searching.

If you are interested in my photography and the images on the site, they were taken with a variety of camera systems. I’ve enjoyed using my iPhone 7 Plus and a few different FujiFilm Cameras. I now am using a FujiFilm X-T30 with the 18-55mm kit lens and the Fujinon F2 35mm prime lens. I also use the iPhone since I enjoy the photography with it too. 

For a little history, I’ve been around the blogging scene since before 2000. I used to write my stuff over on Advogato but its gone. Then I worked at Technorati when it did blog authority stuff and the 100 most popular blogs. I’ve had self-hosted wordpress blogs more times than I remember and dabbled in Drupal, typed in TypePad and mumbled in MovableType. Now I’m at this place. 

This blog now captures my travels as I slowly go to the places I want.  As a minor about page update, I have reached the year anniversary of living in Southeast Asia. Now I have a retirement extension of stay in Cambodia but I travel slowly wherever I want to go and spend as much time at the place as I want.

If you don’t like things here that’s okay.  Try something less challenging like here. Its safe and you know your way around.