Welcome to my about page. A page dedicated to things about me. I have been around a number of years but the last 20 or so have been doing IT Project Management and the last 10 doing infrastructure stuff. I’ve moved data centers to the left, right, and center for a variety of companies like IBM, Visa, Microsoft, Cisco, and now Veritas. Its a good thing to do but I’m reaching that end point of the game where I see a road unwinding before me and I know my feet want to touch it and find a new place. A place between here and there where I can write a blog post or maybe a story.

Before this I did new world archeology across the southern plains, southwest, and finally in a lot of places in California. The deserts, mountains, foothills all let my feet touch them. My favorite is the Mojave Desert and that small, delicate finger of land in the western Mojave. There around those once small towns like Rosamond and Mojave. I rambled across many of those places and others searching. Always searching.

I’ll blog here until I’m done or before. If you don’t like the place try something less challenging like here. Its safe and you know your way around.