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Siem Reap Times – 30 days

I just got into Siem Reap and walked around for a few hours. What a different place compared to the others. Lots of restaurants packed into small streets, shops, bars, pubs (and pub streets). Also a whole lotta fun with a camera I think. The markets are bustling and then the river area with the…

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13 years with

An interesting perspective is that I have had an account on for 13 years now. I never realized when I first signed up there. I had so many other providers and hosts and services I’ve lost count. To say its all changed is an understatement. To ask if its changed for the better is…

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Conversations are Places

Today I went to the Starbucks here for some coffee and a croissant. I like to sit and read on my phone even though they only give an hour of internet for each thing you buy. I have a good cell phone provider so I don’t mind crunching up some cell data. I will need…

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