To Diary or Not… Its the beer talking but maybe it has something to say

I’ve been thinking a lot not only of camera frustrations but about writing a diary. A personal reflection, a thought, something inwardly facing. I read somewhere that you never write something in a diary that you would not want another person to read. Too late. My diaries since 2015 are full of stuff that I […]

Camera Rants because It still irritates and frustrates me…

After spending over a year seeing places, recording them with my camera and smartphone, one of the most frustrating things has been how long cameras have lasted. I don’t believe that this is the lifetime of most FujiFilm Cameras but it sure seems to speak at a lower level to their functionality. How could I […]

Productivity Platforms, words, ecosystems… Some thoughts on things

I spent a bit of time recently comparing the different productivity applications for what will work for my admittedly simple needs. If you research online on applications that run on your ecosystem (mine is Apple), you will find those apps which just about cover all the bases and there are a bunch of adherents to […]

Its a Happy Thursday!

Its morning here in Bangkok. About 10am and listening to the news. I went to the delightful local coffee place where the very nice Thai woman now knows what I want each morning. Her Latte is always the best! I also stopped at 7/11 to get some pastries for cheaper. I think by 11am I […]