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After a fun day in San Francisco, I doubled down and went to Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge for a complete sea change. First was street photography and walking the city. Next was a completely different take with the Fuji X30 and capturing the scenes from the refuge. I played with different film simulation modes […]

How many of you want to escape to the streets with a camera and go record life as you pass through it. Perhaps a member of a scene for a moment and then you exit or the scene moves on to new things. Street photography is interesting with the Fuji X30. I spent yesterday recording […]

Today I am heading into San Francisco via BART to go stroll and take more photographs with my Fuji X30. I’ve settled on two distinct modes when shooting photographs so will be testing them more in SF today. ┬áThis is in anticipation of my August trip to Vancouver and Victoria since the type of photography […]

I finished a few side projects so decided yesterday to leave work early and go back to experimenting with how I shoot a variety of types of photographs on the X30. I’m a rank amateur but have found a few things which just seem to work. Shooting around town with buildings and people. I have […]

I’m taking the camera more places which is good. Its not a habit though which I would want it to be. I took it to work yesterday and ended up at a 7/11 store and took this. I wanted to try making basic changes to the black and white so darkened it a bit and […]

You know what that means, right? These were my first photos with the FujiFilm X30. I have a feeling that there will be lots more to come. This camera has a definite funk feeling to it. I wanted to head out to a few local places and shoot on fully automatic where I let the […]