Coffee Mornings

It’s a coffee morning down the street at 85 degrees cafe. I always stop first at the nearby bakery and get some pastries fresh and then walk to the coffee shop and sit outside to peruse the day, consider their news, give some thanks where it’s due that I don’t have a life like some others I know. They worry about trucks and houses and debt and cycle through relationships much like one of those old Rolodex things. Somehow divorce becomes a holy grail of sorts. A mantle to be worn forever that publicly shows you as someone hurt and anguished and going through the 5 stages. I don’t pretend to have advice for them. I know I never reached the final stage myself but life has gone on. Hell, if not for the divorce I would not be sitting with coffee time in Taipei. I would not have left and found a new home and people.

I never give advice for people facing dire times. Inevitably it will be bad or worse. I do know that Facebook and twitter are not the places to chronicle your changes.

So today it’s fitting perhaps to enjoy my coffee time. Change my remaining days around a bit and do something random today later.

I’ll always remember not so fondly the other days maybe more over beer time. Often though when I sit in Phnom Penh or Saigon and L smiles that mysterious Vietnamese woman’s smile I realize all is as it’s turned out to be. It’s destiny she would say.

Bring it on. Coffee and destiny and moments to spend with no regard. A life spent with no goals or tasks. It’s all good. My latte served with smiles by the barista here warms inside and out.