Day 3 beckons

The day three in Quy Nhon starts earlier but it will be the same kind of day long post updated as I want from where I want. It’s my last real day wandering the city here. Tomorrow I fly from Quy Nhon to Saigon for one night. Will see my friend H there for dinner and then catch the deluxe Limousine, call it bus, to Can Tho on Friday. I like Can Tho a lot. Smaller, more mysterious in some parts, with its side streets, coffee shops, and eateries. I have two days there as well.

The travelogue post continues here today. The stage is set for a final day. Gonna head in the opposite direction from the hotel today and see what I see. The plan changed a bit since L has to work nights tonight. We will do a late lunch out instead. Next up breakfast here. I’ll write and update this post throughout the day as I go and publish it tonight when I’m back in my room. Also some photographs from today added later. Stay tuned. You know you wanna see the old retired guy finish up in Quy Nhon!

moving right along

Past breakfast and to the morning. I will be going for a little walk here after 10am just to take some photographs of the areas around where I am staying. Now at a coffee house for some of my ongoing addiction. I just love Vietnamese iced coffee with milk. Today I just stopped at some friendly place and plopped down. Welcomed warmly with smiles.

So I walked down any old streets here after coffee. It’s past tourist season so now the city is quiet even though at my hotel more Vietnamese guests are arriving. It’s back to the room until a late lunch. Not sure where we go. I’ll go out and stroll the ocean one more time because I don’t see it much. Maybe try this popular place tonight L was telling me about for some beers. Tomorrow is Saigon. My least favorite place but it’s easier to just fly in and then get the limo service to Can Tho. Maybe pick up some stuff at Ben Thanh market.

Late Lunch, Early Dinner

After some time in the room, we went to eat a late lunch. Down the street to the Gogi Korean BBQ place where we ate. And ate. And ate. The food there is so good so we had more.It was empty so we had one of the team cooking for us at our table. Beef, pork, more beef. Kimchi soup and kimchi, many different dipping sauces for the meat. Then seconds on the meat.

I’ll go for one more walk here this evening by the ocean I think. Then will stop and have a few beers and my time will be up here. I figured out that this is a place I’d like to live. There are no expats here to speak of. That’s a plus. Coffee shops and beer gardens all over the place. Yes!! Maybe come back next year when Vietnam opens up and stay awhile. I don’t know I will be back this year. I have a few day trip to Phu Quoc Island already planned for Thanksgiving US holiday time. That is gonna be my last trip I think.

flash forward to tonight

At about 5pm I’ll head out for a stroll here. The last one. Once I get the walk done I can publish this last day post for the wandering here. Been an interesting and profitable few days for me.

So here it is. My last day. I headed to the beach area and bought a few beers and some beach street food from a vendor. Sat and watched the people wandering in the cool evening breezes. Then back to my room for a shower and nothing at all. What I’m good at!

Here’s the third day moments all wrapped up. Just spontaneous stuff found my last day.

On to Saigon for a few days.