Finding a New Edge

Sometimes change is a basic thing. You see where you are. Love it. But you want more or different. Maybe those original species saw the land and decided it looked different or better or was worthy of exploration on its own merits. I’m that way. I realized last night over evening beers that I need to change. I need something that Asia cannot give me. I want difference. Like those staring with wanton eyes at the land I want to find the thing I have not yet. A new edge to live my simple retired life on. Realizing this made me also know that Southeast Asia does not have it. So I must needs go.

Not a hard or easy decision. Just a decision I reached with a few beers and watching the sunset over west lake. My visa is good until November now. I will leave Southeast Asia then for America. It’s only a layover of sorts. Time to retool for the next edge. I know where I want to be. There are places that come very close. I know what I need. There again are places that satisfy. But it’s really this little incessant voice that prompts me to go. To leave and find the land. I don’t always obey but I always listen.

To where is not so important dear readers. What suffices is to know I must go and then decide to not just listen but obey. I will write perhaps on what I want and what I need from a place. While I love Vietnam it does not have certain retirement options that would grant me security and stability. It also is the “same same” part of things. Now I need the different.

The nice thing is months left here to wander and enjoy. Then I go back to this other country for awhile. To find a sliver of a life. To maybe enjoy a Christmas at. To plot to leave soon after. It’s change you see. It propels me forward. You cannot change backwards or remain at stasis. Life ensures that by tossing choice and opportunity and challenge. Why not find a new edge?

Why not indeed?