iPhone Photography – Halide and Darkroom

I had looked at getting the 100gb subscription to Lightroom mobile for about $5 a month. I don’t mind subscription fees but there’s something about how the app manages photographs from the camera roll that bugs me. I should not have to import photos. It’s a very easy tool to use contrary to what you may read about Lightroom online. I don’t know about Photoshop because many of my photographs I just edit in the iOS photos app which now has some decent but basic editing. For me though, basic is good. Enter darkroom which I pay one time for and its mine along with custom filters and other stuff that’s fun to play with. It also has a nice iPad app as well now if I want. I do move the photos sometimes to my iPad to play around since the screen real estate is a bit nicer. In the end, darkroom works nicely for me and its a fun learning curve (excuse the pun) so I cancelled Lightroom.

Then there is Halide. I could really love this app and it takes really nice pictures and supports RAW but there is not enough to it for documentation and support. There is no “if this, then that” type documentation or a FAQ or a wiki or even a forum off of twitter or reddit. Why? Anyways, on my last day here in Tainan I decided to shoot with the both the default camera app but also walk back to the hotel the few miles along the canal and waterfront walk. Simply beautiful!

The real thing I always think about is photo quality for my needs. Does the iPhone 11 make me happy? Do I like the photographs and memories I get and is the whole thing simple? Here’s an image I shot with Halide and edited in darkroom.

Some can come along and say,

oh you don’t have this or that with the image or it does not do this or that or you should have done this or that.

I don’t really care. I’ve never claimed to being a photographer of any kind. What I will claim is a love for recording the images, finding things that spark my memories and capture both big and little things I happen to see as I go. To me, the only one to make happy is me and my memories and experiences are brought up if the photo shows a thing I want to see. Then I want to share on social media and upload to google photos. Good and bad images all go there. Some get put into albums but google is kind enough to let me store whatever I want and as much as I want.

So in the end, the regular iPhone 11 just works for me and it gives me the moments and experiences without all the complexity of my FujiFilm X-T30 and its twin lens that are back in Vietnam. I doubt I will ever use it again. I’ve found that my moments, fun learning about editing, ease of management of photos, and sharing with on FB and Mastodon are all right there for me. Truly, the best camera is the one with you but it also has to satisfy at some level. At least to me, I would not take photographs with a 10k camera if the images were ugly and my iPhone just did better and was easier and gave me the things I want out of the whole experience. It is about me and my vagabonding after all. The photographs just give me a visual memory of a place to either go back to again or not.

Maybe you would not be satisfied and need more. Great! Do what makes you happy. Use the force and be delighted with what you get back.