Moving along

Since we have had the lifting of enhanced social distancing here in Vietnam, lots of moving along. Basically businesses of a wide variety can re open now. Coffee shops and restaurants, gyms and health centers. School will open soon. Many decisions are left to city governments and since Hanoi has more active cases things move along at a slower and more careful pace.

I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop a few hundred feet from my home. It’s one of the little things about moving forward here in Vietnam. Yesterday a Vietnamese friend and I went out for hours in the Old Quarter. It’s very different than where I live. Smaller streets, busy alleys and social life there teems. You can come out to West Lake which is locus of museums and historic properties here and see wide streets and blocks. Tree lined and with signals that are almost obeyed. Here the local police watch over the busier streets because traffic is also moving along. More motorbikes, cars, bicycles and people walking.

Yesterday though in the old quarter we both remarked about the complete absence of tourists. We did see the occasional expat and retiree hunkering down not so much. Now moving along means going out as they want. Going where they want each day.

It’s much different than American cities opening up. I feel the government here has an overall objective. Never did see one in the US. I’m afraid for friends and family there. With the bluster about human rights and walking the streets championing freedoms to gather I fear the most at risk will pay. Those that don’t gather but have the disease spread by those that do. Then what will all those champions of freedom think when people get sick and die in a supermarket or convenience store because of their actions. Of course I guess the trump mantra of “no responsibility” will make it all okay to move along. I told my daughter in Orlando Florida to stay home. She is not going out.

The day by day here is different and I’m so thankful. We do what the government says. We believe in what they say. I’m just an honorary Vietnamese as my friend Chinh calls me. I don’t criticize any government the places I live. There is no upside.

So when I move along here it’s different than there. I feel safer and still have liberty to go move along. To the lake or a park.

It’s made all the difference for me moving along. If you are living somewhere in isolation and waiting try writing. Why not tell your story? I’ll continue to tell mine. And my beliefs and decisions. We don’t know where all this ends up. Give it some thought. It’s worthwhile to tell a story. Each story will frame your moving along.

Mine does.