On the way to Hue

The flight from Hanoi to Hue is about an hour. As it turns out flight was delayed a few hours. This happens on the budget airlines every so often. There’s no place I have to be so I just stop at a airport cafe and have a Vietnamese iced coffee and people watch. The domestic terminal here is very busy. Lots of Vietnamese people going here and there. I have not seen an expat this time. Most of them will go to Saigon anyways. Hue is slower, food is good, and my comfortable lodging awaits. Today will get there about 130pm.

I think it’s just the act of going for me but I also read this story about Vietnamese government tourism asking all people to travel domestically. So I’m doing my part.

The airport in Hanoi is very nice and modern. Many coffee houses and restaurants and gift shops plus the duty free stuff. But now it’s the coffee and people watching and just enjoying the going part of things. And yeah I am spoiled here. Sometimes feel that Vietnam is some other world. I’m blessed I think to be here and now able to wander around the country for very reasonable prices.

Next up the historic city of Hue. Stay tuned. Pictures to come from the historic capital of Vietnam. Food and beer too. This is Vietnam. Gotta eat and drink here.