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Welcome to my blog. I'm on the road traveling slowly through Southeast Asia. First is Hanoi. Then will just go on and on

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I left this morning at about 930am and took the walk kind of the long way to the Hiroshima Castle and park and a historic garden I wished to see. The weather had improved but still was cold and windy but no rain today. Someone told me once not to bother going to Hiroshima because […]

One thing about the weather here in Japan in March. Its unsettled. In Tokyo earlier this week we had a few days of on and off rain and then my last day there it was simply beautiful but cold all day. Today here in Hiroshima, the weather was mostly rainy. Its a gentle rain for […]

Today I took the Nozomi 31 Shinkansen train from Tokyo to Hiroshima in about 4 hours. It was a great trip! The 31 train whistled us all down and I was able to just watch and be astounded. This is only the third time riding a bullet train and the first time on the SuperExpress […]

One of the side goals I had when I left the US was to get back to reading more than an hour before bedtime each night. There was no real way while working to pull out the kindle paperwhite and drill down. Too many MS Project and excel and powerpoint files which needed constant attention. […]

Today was a great day! It was my last full day walking the city so I decided to visit the Emperor’s Palace first off. As you can see it was just beautiful out today but it was cold most of the day so a warmer jacket was nice. I toured around the downtown area where […]

I’ve been reading a few different blogs lately here and it reminds me why I decided to find this home for my own content. I love the varied views that people have about life in general, the process of travel and what it means from A Small Wardrobe and my own decisions. Its nice perhaps […]

So I finished up the day’s walking today. Took a bunch of photos. I spent the day in Shinjuku which always seemed to offer more in the past but I never really had the time to go explore. This time, I walked down there and stopped at the National Gardens and walked through to the […]

Its Saturday here in Shinjuku Japan. I got in last night. Messed around a bit not understanding how the Shinjuku station Is laid out besides it being huge! I remember that part but what I forgot was that the Subway Lines are in a separate station that one walks to in about 5 minutes. Nice […]