Saturday in September

Today started as a pho bo morning. Then some Vietnamese iced coffee down the street. I still sit here reading a few things. I have a few bloggers I catch up not on Not so often any longer but I enjoy reading them. One has been around since blogging was a baby. I met Doc Searls when I worked at this Linux startup named linuxcare back in the late 90s. Then again when I moved with one of the founders to his blogging based website called technorati. Back then we all would journal and write on advogato. You could find the Linux luminaries there as well as many others. I always felt it was a step ahead. It’s gone now but it’s archive remains.

The Saturday memories are sometimes triggered by some old friend from those days virtually dropping by and asking about me. I ask them about what they’re doing. Some work at IBM,or Microsoft or Intel or HP while others are at canonical. Most do not blog any longer at all. Many are I guess notable developers on Linux. I was fortunate to meet them, manage them, and drink with them.

Back in the days of Google+ one could read the Linux man himself there writing updates. Linus would post either updates on his work on the kernel, diving, or other life pursuits. Now that’s gone too.

So all of this percolates around over coffee and a warm morning in Hanoi. One asked me why I continue to write a blog. From him, there is no upside to it. Honestly I don’t look for one. It’s only the creation and writing on I enjoy. Tech comes and goes. Working at open source companies came and went for me. It’s nice though to still have the friends and every so often I read about them.