Saturday morning Hanoi Style

It’s Saturday here now. Temperatures are warming up. It’s summer just about in Hanoi. It changed in just about one day it seems. I know it took longer. When I got here in February it was the springtime and late winter wrapping up. Beautiful cool days and cooler nights. Now we get that magnificent Southeast Asian sun again. Laundry gets done more often and my walking usually starts at 3pm or later. Today will do nothing again. Perhaps a Banh Mi sandwich for breakfast and then coffee at a nicer shop. I’m tired of the cigarette smells in the local shops so I will not go to them. The two nicer ones are non smoking.

pho and then coffee

Down the street is my pho place. The wonderful lady makes medicine for my soul disguised as pho. She knows me and makes me the bowl without being asked. Delightful. I love the neighborhood feel where I live now. It took weeks to be seen around the streets. Now I go wherever and they happily welcome me. Now at one of the nicer coffee houses because I like the comfort and relaxation when there’s no smoke. The local places are good and I’ve gone to several but I’d rather pay more and be comfortable.

So pho done and coffee progressing. If I had to pick a country and city to be locked down in it would be Vietnam for the country and Hanoi for the city. I enjoy the neighborhood and pace here more than Saigon.

No one can tell the future or even August. I may go to Cambodia and live there. It’s much the same as here for me. Life is easy for retirees there too. Good food, wonderful Khmer people and cheap beer. What I do know is I will be here until I leave. And it’s all okay for me. Hanoi is a garden of delights for me. The amazing and interesting cross here of local and international is the best for me. The care and focus on protecting all of us during covid-19 times has been so remarkable. Now there is no lockdown here in the city but the borders are locked. No entry and no exits. Not like what happened in the US. This has been a defined process by a very powerful government and I think it meant we came to this point because this government and the people believe in each other. Powerful stuff.

On to a nothing Saturday with my latte patiently awaiting.