Second day in the city

Today will explore downtown and the amazing side streets and alleys here. Not sure about direction. Just leave the hotel and go. We had good storms and some flooding last night. Now streets are drying up.

Tomorrow is my last day on this adventure. I fly back to Hanoi tomorrow evening so I really have most of the day tomorrow to play here. I’ll just update this later with photographs taken with the fun iPhone 11 Pro and hardly edited. I have been looking at the iPhone 12 Pro. Hmmmm. For whatever editing I do I use the iOS photos app and my only other app is darkroom for photo editing. I prefer the workflow and how it reads the camera roll. I bought the lifetime plan for it.

on to the day

So I moved only slightly. Down to a local coffee house for some iced coffee with milk. Also to share the pictures from yesterday’s adventures here. I had a great day of walking, eating and drinking here. Met up with my friend Lily and we had Korean bbq at a new place. Fun times.

Today will enjoy the downtown and maybe get a t shirt for a friend in Hanoi. I’ll post the pictures from today later. Now it’s nice times for reflection in the Rex Coffee House. I can sit in Vietnamese coffee houses and watch the people that perhaps surreptitiously watch me. Some smile and say hello. This is a younger spot but nothing is any different with being welcomed with smiles and warmth. I think it’s the same as anywhere I went this time.

So here’s a post from today. From a coffee house on their WiFi. Enjoying just the moments and cool breezes since the entire place is open. Have yourselves good times. Stay safe. Cafe Rex says so.