Tuesday morning Hanoi time

Sitting at the Paris Baguette bakery for pastries and a latte. It's another nice day here. I went back to Facebook after a few weeks of a break. It's no different and it never will be. The never ending tirade of politics really lessens it's worth. I got tired last time of the memes and disagreement and posturing by both sides. Most of my friends on Facebook are people from before when I worked in IT. They just continue on. And on. On. It goes. I had thought of staying away until November but it won't be any different then. I did miss my Vietnamese friends since Facebook is used quite differently here. It's a method along with others to keep up with friends, maintain social contact, and meet other people. I guess I could block everyone. Kind of defeats the purpose and nothing is served by it.

So instead I go back but just use the mobile site on my iPhone. Now I feel better in some regards and worse in others.

I was asked after posting a news story about renouncing my US citizenship. It's a thing I've considered. I can get new citizenship in a few places. It just takes some time and bureaucracy on both sides. Perhaps I will. Nothing I need to decide this Tuesday morning in Hanoi. I try to make as few decisions as possible. That means no todo tasks or calendar events either. Just the way I like my Tuesday morning.