Vietnamese Coffee to start

Each day is about the same here in Hanoi. It’s getting warmer now and summer approaches with the seasonal hot months. What I do does not change that much. Here’s some stuff I do each day.

  1. Morning fruit and fresh Vietnamese coffee made in a Phin. The fruit may be oranges or pineapple or mango but the first blast of caffeine is always freshly made. You can look up online to see how to make. It’s easy!

  2. Relaxing and zoning. This includes a morning meditation with the Calm iOS app. I just need this each day and it’s been making a big difference in my feelings. Sometimes some peaceful Hatha yoga stretches are good but often I put off the yoga until evening. I’ve been doing some nice 25 to 30 minute practices focused on well being of late.

  3. Late morning out. By 11am I head to the Banh mi sandwich shop or the King Roti stand and then go to a nice coffee house for a latte. I like the local places but the cigarette smoke is irritating since they let people smoke inside and out.

  4. Then back to my room for more zoning and dreaming and doing nothing. The life of a retired guy I guess. I like it a lot!

  5. Afternoon miles walk and dinner I usually now go for a walk at 3 or 4pm. Then I find food which is pretty easy in Hanoi as you can imagine.

  6. Evenings are spent with more zoning and an evening meditation and maybe some yoga if I want to. I usually want to! Then I may read or chat with a Vietnamese friend that lives farther away.

  7. The end.

Or the beginning depending on your half empty or full glass. Daily life in Vietnam with borders locked is not hard. I will go to Saigon to see friends in a few weeks and will change Airbnb to a new one for 3 months next week. I decided to change to a new room because I felt like it.

August might as well be a light year away. I have the day to day. I have acceptance. Thanks to learning meditation and yoga I get a path that is so much easier to follow.

If you blog why not tell your story? Where are you now and why? Many of my friends are isolated here in Vietnam and Cambodia. They have stories to tell but most don’t instagram (thank god) nor do they write creatively. It’s too bad really. We all have stories to tell. I’ve met retired expats and vagabonds 15 years on the road. One guy I met in Da Lat Vietnam years ago was gone for almost two decades hoboing around Southeast Asia. It’s why I call this place the edge. It’s the edge of known and mysterious with enough of either to keep life fresh.

Tell your true story and forget the ads and links. Tell the you story. Not the 10 things to pack or the 5 things to see in Lombok or Indonesia or New Zealand during your isolation. Be brave. Find the words. You can write on your days. You may not make any money but you have created.