Writing here

I've been on this platform now a year. I came here because Wordpress tired me out with its ever cycling plans. I upgraded to this or that plan for only a few features like themes and plugins. I had some followers there and a few people commented now and again. I had been on Wordpress for some years. Maybe a decade between the free version on some Linux VPS and moving out of laziness to the hosted side.

I read the community site on read.write.as every so often and find a blog or two I read more of. Most I ignore either out of choice or chance. Some blogs listed do not appear to me as actual endeavors at blogging. They seem to be commenting on other blogs that do allow their posts to be listed on the site. It's a configuration option you can select or turn off. So I go back and forth on turning this off. I do federate my blog and have a few people that get updates that way.

I only mention all this because I don't view read.write.as as a contributory site to make comments or post scraped comments inline. I view it as a discovery platform to find blogs that maybe I want to read. If you use it to make incisive or stupid comments inline great. It's not what I go there for. I go there, as I said, to discover blogs I wish to read more of.

So I think soon I will turn off publishing to read.write.as completely. I don't need or depend on it having bookmarked the blogs I care about now. I enjoy the platform immensely and will be thankful to Mikka for showing me last year a new direction I could go with writing.