Yesterday’s adventures

Yesterday went to what is called Mural Street in Hanoi. Very nice sets of murals depicting life, people, shopping. The street encompassing the murals is a nice walkway and you go from one to the next and then you see the explanation or the joint Vietnam and Korean effort to bring the street to life.

Here are some of my photographs from yesterday along with the city area next to mural street and my walk back. Very nice day in Hanoi!

today promises nothing

There’s nothing today besides finishing laundry and deciding on breakfast later. If the bun cha place is open could go there. Then perhaps a coffee shop after. Or perhaps a slightly longer stroll down the street to a Highlands Coffee.

It’s a beautiful morning here. We lost most of the rainy season and September is a preparation month for autumn in Hanoi. Cooler and dryer weather patterns will come. It’s one of the nicer times to visit here but international borders are closed still although there are rumors and rumors of rumors it could change.

Some reports are saying we could see limited in and out flights by end of the month. I think what they will do is allow a few flights coming in from Southeast Asian destinations first and a few to select countries. Cambodia is on the list like Taiwan, Laos and others. This way the belief is quarantine and health systems would not be damaged by an unmanageable influx of people and those leaving must show proof they have been in Vietnam for at least 30 days, probably get a test, and agree to quarantine. Who knows? I sure don’t.

It’s not a thing for planning or even considering too much. Just rumors and considerations from governments here to try to create plans in the future. Worthy of watching only.